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Design No. 119W

Design 119W is a new version of Design 119, longer and beamier than the original.

The change came about when a builder, Achim Groh, asked if he could increase the beam by 10%. He sent us his modified frame offsets and we checked them out in the naval architecture program and they produced a perfectly satisfactory set of lines and data, if a little chubby!

Achim has proceeded to laminate the frames – see the photos below of progress so far. The quality and finish of his work is very impressive by any standards.

Recently Achim asked what would be the result if he also stretched the boat by 10%. Working this through, we found that it again produced a nice boat – not so chubby either! We are happy that the frames are sufficient at the increased spacing. The centreline structure has been beefed up a little and the hull skin specification increased in thickness. The ballast keel will be heavier and the sail area increased somewhat.

I have a strong feeling that this is going to be a very nice boat. 119 has always been a good design right from the start – one of those designs where everything seems to flow nicely as the design progresses. Which is probably why she has been such a successful design.

There is still a lot of design work to do before plans can be made available. So far we just have a larger hull. Now we have to consider the deck and superstructure and the interior layout, sail plan and so on. But I am looking forward to making it all work!

As well as the photos here, you can follow progress on Achim's own website (opens in a new window).