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Teddy Kennedy

What a wonderful commemoration of a brave and great man it would be if we could name our new Public Health System after Ted Kennedy.

No-one who has experienced a National Health Service like that of the UK or France, where decent health care is freely available for all citizens has any doubts: the system in the USA just doesn't compare. It is ridiculously expensive. It is complicated and confusing. It is inefficient. And worst of all, it is non-inclusive. Edward Kennedy knew that civilized nations don't treat their citizens unequally in this way.

It is hard to understand who would oppose a proper health care system for the United States. Just look at a few statistics (US compared with, say, UK, Australia, France, Canada): our life expectancy is shorter; our infant mortality rate is higher; our health in later life is less good; and the cost of a comparable procedure is generally twice that of other systems. Why would we go on bothering with a system that simply doesn't deliver, just to keep bits of the medical and pharmaceutical industries in comfortable business.

Those who do oppose a decent, civilized health care system for the United States of America can only do so out of lack of knowledge, or because they benefit from the system as it is: neither is valid.

As a memorial to a great American, let us press forward as swiftly as possible and aim for the best health care system in the world instead of perpetuating the second-rate system we have now.


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