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The George Blog – Laminated Frames on Design 074 & Comments

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Laminated Frames on Design 074

I'm progressing with these!

We shall finish up with six laminated frames plus the little forward bulkhead. The frame in way of the mast will not have a mast post, so the accommodation will be very free. With the existing accommodation, the berths would be able to have an insert so that they form a nice double when needed.

There are a lot of drawings to be modified to go with the laminated frames. We will do all the structural plans and write an extra set of instructions dealing with both the laminated frames and any other structural modifications. We won't be doing a new set of interior furniture drawings for a whil, but I don't think builders will find it difficult to interpret and modify the existing furniture drawings.

The new drawings and instructions will be posted on the web site and will be available to any builder who has Design 074 in their portfolio.


I decided after all to include a laminated frame at -400. So builders will be able to use either the original bulkhead or the laminated frame.
Date posted: Saturday, 30 May 2009 | posted by: debenriver

I'll wait. I have been going through the plans again and preparing to make a start. I am glad I checked in here to see this news.
Date posted: Wednesday, 01 Jul 2009 | posted by: Brent_K

Ooops - I know I owe you a bill of materials - not my strong point those - too many years of getting them wrong I guess.

The laminated frames are on the site now. There are still some associated modification drawings to be done, but the guts of it are there. Change one thing and the whole damn project falls apart at the seams .....
Date posted: Thursday, 09 Jul 2009 | posted by: debenriver

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