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New Design Courses

We are considering offering one-on-one residential yacht design courses combined with a vacation at the Captain Zadoc F. Brewster House, our fine old Sea Captain's house in Rockland, Maine. Courses can be arranged for a week's duration; or indeed longer periods.

The basic principle is that during the week (or whatever period) you and I would work together one-on-one to design a boat of your choice. This would be a chance to design a boat to build that isn't in our current design portfolio – a design that incorporates what you want out of a boat.

It can be a design for self-build – or for you to place an order for professional build. Or indeed if you already have a design, we can use the time to draw out and plan the build of the boat.

You can come on your own, or with your family, or friends, who can enjoy a stunning vacation exploring the art galleries, restaurants, sports facilities, the wonderful scenery and other amenities of the Penobscot Bay area of Maine.

In the evenings a cosy wood fire in the apartment – maybe a few congenial glasses of wine … what more could one want!

Subject to availability, the cost would be a discounted season rate for the apartment plus a design fee of $1,000 for a full week – other periods pro-rata. The use of all necessary computers and programs is included. The program is tailored to suit what you want to do.

We would retain the right to offer the design on our website in the future. You would have the right to build a boat from it.

To make the course truly productive, we would need to establish in advance what we were going to work on, so that we can prepare all the necessary preliminary data.

With a very open curriculum like this it is not possible to say exactly what can be achieved, but we would expect you to come away with a basic understanding of the design process and the design calculations. Design notes and basic calculations will be provided for you to retain.

The amount of finished drawings will of course depend on the length of the course and the size of the boat. We can't design a 60' sailboat in a week but we could have a good shot at a 15 footer!


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