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A horrible time!

We have not had a good winter.

We came to England for four months to carry out a project on my son't family cottage in Woodbridge (you can see the cottage in the Holidays-Woodbridge UK menu)

But about six weeks in we had to fly back to the USA to deal with an incredibly awful tenant in one of our two vacation apartments in Rockland, Maine. Basically she was simply stealing and selling all our stuff! In fact she had sold the entire contents of the apartment, but we were just in time to prevent this happening, somewhat to the annoyance of the guy she had sold it to.

Anyway – taking 10 days out to deal with all that didn't help make our winter here in Woodbridge a warm and cosy experience. And it certainly made life difficult on the design front.

However some things have been achieved: New plans for a Bermudian Sloop rig for Design 055 are on the site. Design 037 instructions have all been corrected and the corrected versions are on the site now. Pretty much everything for Design 152 is now complete – just the twin rudders and the keel to finalize. The builder intends to exhibit her at the Tasmanian Boat Show in October. And the first stage of Design 044/07 – the 68' wood/epoxy version of the design – is complete.

We are just about done in Woodbridge and will be returning to the USA towards the end of April – hopefully to a peaceful and fruitful spring and summer.

Apologies to all if I have been slow to answer – it's been a pretty hurrying time recently.



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