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The George Blog – New 68' Sailboat in Wood Epoxy & Comments

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New 68' Sailboat in Wood Epoxy

We are delighted to announce that we are now designing a wood/epoxy version of our very successful Design 044 – Boat No. 044/07 – for a builder in the Arabian Peninsula.

She is about 800mm longer than 044/06, so as to accommodate a RIB within the lazarette, loading directly through the transom door. The lines have been modified from about amidships, aft. She also sports a sexy new curved-style deckhouse. She will be a very beautiful boat.

We have invested a lot of time in structuring the vessel from pre-cut plywood components which can be CNC cut, so she should be remarkably easy, fast and accurate to build.

Design 152 was the first design that we produced for a boat to be built almost entirely from pre-cut CNC parts. I learnt a lot during that design and gained a hugh amount of confidence in the level of accuracy that it is possible to achieve. All that experience and confidence is going into this design.

I will be posting study plans as soon as I have completed them (they lag a bit behind the structure drawings) and hopefully we will be able to follow the build photographically right through.



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