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The George Blog – New DXF Files for Design 123 & Comments

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New DXF Files for Design 123

Finally .... the new DXF files for Design 123 are on the site.

They also incorporate new ply frames that are bonded together in layers (like a sandwich), rather than laminated from veneers. Not only does this enable the shapes to be CNC cut, but it also speeds up the manufacture of the frames and automatically puts a stepped bevel on the outer edges. In most cases the steps are sufficiently small so that they are filled with epoxy when the skin is bonded on.

This dramatically speeds up the construction of the hull. There is no doubt that building on transverse frames makes the most accurate and strongest hull most easily, but making the frames themselves as laminations is a bit time consuming and many builders find it rather a daunting task. So – a solution is at hand!



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