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I turned 66 the other day (well yesterday to be precise).

Being blessed with good health, a strong physique, and an active enquiring mind, I mostly don't feel 66.

What I have noticed however is not that I am less tolerant – in fact I reckon I have become yet more liberal, tolerant and easy-going as the years go by. But, and it is quite a big but, I am increasingly finding that I don't want to debate some fairly fundamental things any more. I know how I feel and that's it really.

At a party the other day, I was sitting next to a guy whose world views were pretty much diametrically opposed to mine. When I was younger, I would have listened to what he was saying and maybe debate (possibly quite hotly and enjoyably ) with him; now I find myself saying "I'm sorry, but I simply fundamentally disagree with you" and that is end of the conversation!

I guess it is a time thing. At 30 there seemed to be all the time in the world. At 66 it is obvious that time is rather more finite. So I'm not willing to waste it discussing something that I don't want to discuss, something I strongly disagree with, or something about which I'm not going to change my mind whatever the argument.

And anyway – there are still too many boats that are waiting to be designed ......


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