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Design 37
Easybuild 10'6"
Sailing Dinghy

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LOA 3.200 m 10.50 ft
LWL 2.767 m 9.08 ft
Beam 1.400 m 4.60 ft
Sail area 5.468 sq m 58.84 sq ft
Weight exc. outboard 100 kg 220 lbs
Outboard 1.5-2.25 kw 2-3 hp
Capacity 4 persons 285 kg 630 lbs
Design 37 is round bilge construction with epoxy-ply lapstrake planking. We thoroughly reccomend this design to get you on the water fast in a real boat, with a traditional look and feel.

The rig is a high-peak gaff mailsail and a small jib. The spars are easy to make and the instructions lead you through this process simply and thoroughly. The dinghy is stable and fun to sail; she rows extremely well and handles nicely under outboard.

The hull is constructed on three pre-built thwart assemblies, making this an exceptionally simple boat to build and giving a really good introduction to lapstrake planking. The thwart assemblies are easy and straightforward to construct and, once built, are set up on a simple jig for planking and completion. This process gives fast, easy and very accurate construction, using minimum space in the early stages.

In addition to simplifying and speeding up construction and producing great structural strength, the thwart assemblies also produce eccellent built-in permanent buoyancy should the dinghy be flooded or capsized.

Design 037The boat is built using the most modern of materials – WEST™ system boat-building epoxies. The construction gives high structural strength and rigidity, with light weight. The boat can be clear finished (varnished) or she can be painted. In either case you will have a long-lasting low-maintenance structure, so you’ll spend you time having fun with the boat rather than maintaining it.

The picture left shows a recent 037 (June 2012) sailing on Lake Mogan-Ankara, Turkey. For videos of the dinghy under construction and the maiden sail, scroll to the bottom of the page

The detailed and accurate plans together with true step-by-step building instructions carry builders, professional and non-professional alike, through the building process simply and easily. And for larger boats particularly, they allow a managed build to be carried out very successfully. Plans are fully dimensioned; no scaling or lofting is required. The plans and instructions are practical, clear and detailed, containing everything required to build and complete the vessel. Where CNC cutting files are included, or available, they can be sent directly to a CNC facility as required. Professional technical support throughout the build, is available by email, via the forum or by regular mail. More plan info

I never would have thought I could build my own boat ..... following your designs and instructions and doing one thing at a time made it all possible ... thank you for all your support ... Neil Edwards, a builder of Design 037.

Click here to look at the free study plans, sample instructions and specification for this design, plus a full list of the plans and instructions that come with the design package.

Maiden sail:

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